Fall 2022 Project Update

It’s been almost a year since we came to the membership of Lake Forest with an exciting new initiative. We called it the Enduring Legacy Project because that best summarized the spirit of our commitment to improving all aspects of the family experience at LFCC. 

The project was received with great enthusiasm and anticipation by our membership and our team here at Lake Forest hit the ground running with our plans, budgets, and timelines.

As General Manager of the Club, I’ve been responsible for much of the planning and execution of the Enduring Legacy Project. It’s been a challenging process with the state of the economy, the thin labor force, and the hyper-inflationary price environment we entered this past year, but all things considered we feel great about the direction we’re heading. 

As you utilize the Club not much progress is visible yet. Whether you were swimming at the pool, playing a round of golf, or enjoying the dining facilities, you may be wondering what’s been done up to this point. 

To date, considerable work has gone into the planning, pricing, permitting, repricing, and logistics of the project. Now we’re entering the exciting phase where we get to execute and see the progress with our own eyes. 

I’d like to share this message from Jay Arnold, our Long Range Planning Chairman, with updates about progress on the Enduring Legacy facility enhancement project and our plans moving forward.

Updated Project Timeline Based on Contractor Estimates

  • Bunker Work: Starting this October and finishing February 2023
  • Driving Range Improvements: Starting this October and finishing February 2023 with final warm season turf installation Summer of 2023
  • Cart Path Repairs: To be completed by April 2023
  • 19th Hole and Locker Room Renovations: Winter 2022
  • Tennis Court Improvements: In Progress Completed April 2023
  • Pool Project: Expanded deck is completed. Remaining work starting this October and finishing March 2023. Furniture Spring 2023.
  • Pickleball Court Addition: Completed by May 2023
  • Parking Lot Resurfacing and Expansion: Completed by April 2023
  • Arnold Palmer Pavilion: Postposed at this time

As this important project progresses we are committed to giving you more frequent, regular updates. We will continue to update our Enduring Legacy website as new information is available as well as email you important updates and notices directly. 

We are grateful for your patience as we navigate the challenges of this undertaking. Our commitment to you as a member is to uphold our standard of excellence in every aspect of our club experience. Thanks again for being committed to Lake Forest Country Club and The Enduring Legacy Project.


Susannah Miller, CCM
General Manager/COO

Lake Forest Country Club

14000 Landmark Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40245

(502) 253-9352information@lakeforestgolf.com


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