January Project Update

Clubhouse Improvements

The Clubhouse insulation project began as scheduled on Monday, January 2nd. Up until this point, this building has been unbelievably inefficient. Our utility bills are staggering, as everything we pumped in, went right back out. This will be at least a three week project as Spray Tec works in sections to remove the existing batt insulation and seal us up properly with new spray foam insulation. We are also insulating the lower level during this process, as downstairs demo has exposed exactly what we assumed based on our internal temperatures, essentially nothing effectively protecting the inside from the outside elements. This aspect of the project will make a measurable improvement on the comfort we all experience inside the Clubhouse, make an immediate positive impact on expenses, and put significantly less strain on our HVAC system, most of which has been replaced in the last few years.

We began demo on the lower level on December 19th. Significant progress was made in the first four days. We uncovered a few surprises, as usual in construction, were thankful they were minor, determined how we were going to address them, and then took a break for the polar vortex and the Christmas holiday. Instead of resuming work as scheduled on December 27th, we took another break to remediate the ongoing impacts resulting from the severe cold and to dry out a bit. We went back to work on demo Monday the 2nd and are making excellent progress once again.

Golf Course Improvements

As we reported in our last update, we've been patiently, impatiently waiting on sod. The ability to cut, to transplant it is based on weather conditions and let's just all agree that the weather has been less than cooperative.

We received a sod shipment on Thursday, December 22rd and were able to install it that day prior to the weather going haywire.

The only bunkers left to shape on the backside are the two greenside bunkers on Hole 16. 17 greenside bunkers are sodded. Hole 17 fairway bunker is partially sodded. With the Zoysia we received in our last shipment, we finished Hole 11 and headed on to part of 14.

Temperatures have been much more pleasant this week but the four plus inches of rain we received the first part of the week certainly didn't do us any favors. Everyone, especially our Sanders Crew, is ready to get on with it. We don't need perfect conditions to continue to make real progress, but a little cooperation from Mother Nature would be most appreciated.
Hole #17
Hole #11
Hole #10

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