Dear Lake Forest Members

We have continued to be diligently committed in laying out the framework for our Enduring Legacy Project over the last three months. As we predicted, there have been many challenges, delays, and obstacles as result of our current environment post COVID, that we have been forced to maneuver around as well as adapt to overcome. Now that we have confidence in our timeline, we would like to update you with our schedule for what to expect with regards to the golf related portion of our project.

Bunker and Practice Facility Work Year 2022

Preliminary Design Phase-Bunker Approval
Construction Document Phase
Submit Plan to MSD for EPSC Permit
Pre-Construction Meeting for Contractors
Bid Due Date
Bid Review by Architect and Club
Bid Award
Contract Paperwork between Club and Contractor
EPSC Permit from MSD
Contractor Mobilizes
Erosion Control Measures Installed and Staking
Construction Begins on Bunkers and Practice Facility
Construction Phase
Bunker Work fully complete and playable
Practice Greens and Seeded Areas “Grow In”
February 15- March 7
March 7 - March 17
March 18 - April 15
April 15
April 19
May 5
May 6- May 12
May 13
May 16- May19
June 1
June 15- June 30
July 1
July1- September 30
October 1
September 1- May 15, 2023

Course fully operational May 2023

Firm details regarding the non-golf aspects of the project will be released in the coming days. Work is underway so look forward to seeing changes happen quickly.


Michael Thorp. Jr.

Green Chairman

Lake Forest Country Club Board of Directors

Lake Forest Country Club

14000 Landmark Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40245



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